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Ric's has been in business in the Redmond area since 1978.

We are a full service company for garage doors and garage door openers.  We also replace or install new garage door openers, damaged garage door sections or replace the whole door if needed.

Richard Stockdill grew up in Kirkland, went to work for Stanley Garage Door in 1976.  At that time they were the largest garage door company in the area.  Where he learned how to repair & install garage doors & operators.

He started his own Door company in 1978 working out of his basement and a few years later moved his growing company to Redmond.  Although the industry & products have changed over the years the bottom line is he finds it to be rewarding work & enjoys meeting his customers and the satisfaction fixing their garage doors.

Please call our office at:  425.885.9864 if you are interested in learning more?